The Soul Snatchers are coming to getcha!

TheSoulSnatchersScratchMyItchReal Soul Music never dies. That’s what the insatiable musicians of the Dutch band The Soul Snatchers prove every time they treat a swinging crowd to their timeless, down to earth funk and soul tunes that find their roots in the sexy Sixties and Seventies of the 20th century. Taking pure Soul Music right across the bridge into the new century, The Soul Snatchers combine unknown classics and original compositions into a show that not only appeals to connoisseurs, but equally to bigger more mainstream-oriented audiences. The Soul Snatchers don’t claim to have invented Soul Music, neither do they pretend to re-invent it. They just HAVE it! And they love to share it with Rhythm & Blues-lovers in every corner of the globe.

Founded rock solid on the well oiled rhythm section of clean drums and thumping bass, the dangerously growling Hammond organ and the reverbing guitar sounds find their way into your soul blindly. Add to that the three-headed copper section The Dynamite Horns and the charismatic performances of singer Curtis T. and special guest vocalist Jimi Bellmartin, and all ingredients for a real Soul party are present.

In the Fall of 2006 The Soul Snatchers’ first 7” vinyl record on the Social Beats label, ‘Sniffin’ & Snatchin’ ‘, was released. It immediately caught the attention of deejays like Keb Darge, Henry Storch, Andy Smith, Kenny Dope, Soul Rabbi and Paul Weller, not forgetting to mention many record buyers too; it didn’t take long before the record had to be re-pressed! In 2006, The Soul Snatchers also appeared on compilation albums such as ‘Various Soul Shakers Vol. 3’ (Record Kicks), ‘Stay on the Groove Vol. 2’ (Freestyle Records) and ‘New Testament of Funk Vol. 5’ (Unique Records).

In September 2007 the second 7” record, with Dutch Soul singing sensation Jimi Bellmartin was released. Jimi stormed the charts in the early 1970’s with funky songs like ‘So Fine’ and ‘Moviestar’, and even held the no.1 position in Latin America for several weeks. During the past few decades he has toured with people like Eric Burdon, Percy Sledge and Lou Rawls. The CD ‘Dutch Rare Groove’ brought Jimi back into the limelight in 2005 with his own vintage Soul tracks. Over the past years he toured all the major Dutch venues and brought the soulful hits from the 70’s back to life triumphantly, together with musicians like Oscar Harris, Peter Smidt and Louis Debeij.

In January 2008 The Soul Snatchers’ first full album named ‘Sniffin’ and Snatchin’, with a majority of original compositions was released worldwide on the Social Beats record label. Japan was exclusively gifted a special Limited Edition of the album. The 12 short’n’spicy soul tracks with a 60’s sound resulted in an album with a good old LP-length. So… it is no wonder ‘Sniffin’ and Snatchin’ ‘ is available on nice crispy black vinyl!

In 2009 The Soul Snatchers treated their fans to yet another groovy and funky vinyl single named ‘Good & Plenty’ featuring Curtis T. on vocals and on the flipside another original named ‘Soul to Soul’ featuring the one and only Jimi Bellmartin.

Scratch My Itch

Now it’s time to announce the long awaited second full album by the band: Scratch My Itch. The album will be released in February 2012 on Unique Records (Ger). The album is once again a feast for the listener containing lots of 70’s funk grooves, soulful vocals, powerful horns and a grindin’ Hammond organ, this all served with some ‘swampy’ New Orleans flavor. You will have yourself an album which brings you the best of The Soul Snatchers.

Soul Revue Live

Inspired by the original Soul Revues – like the ones that legendary labels Stax, Atlantic and Motown brought in the 1960‘s, The Soul Snatchers present a 90 minute long whirlwind show with instrumentation by a Hammond organ wizard, a tight horn section and sizzling songs performed by the two vocalists. Over the past few years The Soul Snatchers have played many festivals and clubs in several different countries like the UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and of course The Netherlands.