Susan Jane


Eversince she knows that truth lies in your heart, Dutch singer-songwriter Susan Jane follows her heart. “To empower this truth you have to live it.” All songs written by Susan on her first album ‘Clarity Of Mind’ came from her search for living her truth and came right from her heart.

‘Clarity Of Mind’ describes Susan’s insight that all answers lie in the heart. “It’s nothing more than starting to live who you’ve been from the day you were born and living your truth. Giving up any unauthentic, giving up all lies.”

“Most of the time I live my truth but I’m still learning.” We are programmed by our parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, employers, television, movies, advertising, current events and more. In our society the heart is so very neglected. Susan sings about the importance of living your truth ’cause the world needs truthful, passionate, positive, loving people more than ever. (‘Music’)

“Nobody can tell me what I have to think about our world.” From the moment she realized how many lies she had allowed to be part of her view on life she got rid of them right away by deciding to leave a toxic greedy money based lifestyle (‘Leaving’).  “I don’t allow the media to frighten me anymore with all negativity they spread every hour of the day. Panic and darkness never ever resulted in something good, I now choose love which lies in everyone’s heart.”

“The mind is there to serve me but most of the time I let it tell me the biggest lies out of fear. From time to time fear takes over again. That’s when my mind tries to frighten me again by repeating sad stories from my past or trying to tell me that my future sucks. Now that I have the awareness of having a choice between the mind and the heart I go to my heart and just let fear be. I now know that I have fear but I am love. As soon as I create peace of mind, I attract peace in my life.” (‘Shine’)

“All is one and everything I think, do and say influences all around me.” The song “One Soul” arose in Rome. Standing on top of one of the seven Rome hills Susan experienced the most magical feeling ever: a feeling of connectedness with all. “Think about what we can achieve when we all live from our hearts and live from passion!”

CD RELEASE - Clarity of Mind - 4 nov 2012

CD RELEASE – Clarity of Mind – nov 4, 2012

Susan Jane produced, composed, wrote and distributed ‘Clarity Of Mind’ by herself and presented it for the first time inAmsterdam’s People’s Place (The Netherlands). To see a video compilation of this soulful evening see this link:


Marianne Thieme, leader of the Party for the Animals introduced Susan Jane as one of her favorite new artists at Q-Music radio (The Netherlands).