At some point in time we all experience that earth shattering boom of jubilation when we witness something true, joyful and straight from the heart. Now, combine this feeling with a hint of stank and a lil’ pinch of funk and let it cook up a bubbling gumbo of raw, tantalising soul. It is exactly this stew of musical goodness the band SPARK are looking for. Heck; it is the sole reason for their existence.

Driven by organ, guitar and propelled by percussion and drums, the members of SPARK are four wandering souls tied together by fate who have set out on one, bold mission: Lighting a fire. Using their skills and their drive they are chasing those good old burning tunes and together they meticulously ignite grooving rhythms combined with soulful melodies and jams.

Rooted deep in the tradition of legends like The Meters, Jimmy McGriff and Booker T., this fine bunch of kindred spirits sets out to create original tunes which will get you out of your seat and up on your feet dancing with a funky grin on your face all night long. Expect no less then dedicated musicians, igniting their passion to create one, big sizzling SPARK.

We just signed up with ZIP RECORDS, and our first album will release september 2023.

We’ll be releasing a few singles in the meantime. STAY TUNED!