Mr. Montis & Me

From a shared love for music, a deep-rooted friendship emerged in 2021 between Frank van den Berge (stage name Frank Montis) and Rachel van der Schaaf. From their very first meeting, they not only engaged in hours-long conversations about life but also created music together. It’s what binds them. Music is precisely what both of them intensely enjoy, allowing them to enter a timeless zone and forget everything around them.

While Frank once pursued his dreams and has since made a name for himself in the music world as a professional organist/pianist, Rachel, in her younger years, had her musical dreams blown away by fears, expectations, and the pressures of daily life. With only occasional exceptions, she didn’t sing a note. In doing so, she deprived herself of her first love: music. However, she has rediscovered it and can now enjoy it more than ever.

Over the past few years, Frank and Rachel have spent many hours in the living room by the piano. In mid-2023, an idea from their bucket list emerged: “How fun would it be to perform together in front of an audience?” That idea was embraced and quickly realized. Together with an audience, they enjoyed their first performance.