DelMontis – Official DelMontis website
Organ Tonation – Project by Lean Robbemont and Frank Montis–> Honor the B3!
Susan Jane – Great dutch sing-a-soul- writer
Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Official Laura Vane website
Licks & Brains – The Funkiest Big Band ever!
The Soul Snatchers – Info page about the Soul Snatchers
Music & More Bookings Agency – Booker of DelMontis, Laura Vane and many more
The Jazzinvaders – Official Website
Lean Robbemont – Drummer of Alain Clark, DelMontis, Organ Tonation
Aron Raams – Guitar Player of Gare Du Nord, Organ Tonation
Arrow Jazz FM – Dutch Jazz Station
Radio 6 – Soul & Jazz