Rolf Delfos – Saxophones
Frank Montis – Hammond Organ
Pim Dros – Drums

Small, compact, intimate, intense and a large dynamic range by playing softly. These three gentlemen felt that, while rehearsing in a small rehearsal room, where virtue was forced to arise while interacting at their highest level, experiencing the smallest ripple in a grooving pond, catching a bending sax note with a gentle growling Hammond sound, being able to hear and respond to the different layers of the brushes, restrained play but with a deep-rooted swing. Jazz is ultimately one of the most beautiful musical collaborations that exist, but now Delfos, Montis and Dros immediately felt that there was something magical at hand.

Originated from the collaboration in the 7-member formation DelMontis, founded by Delfos and Montis, the pleasure, the attention for rehearsing and the much more conscious writing for a trio line-up resulted in a wonderful combination of transparent songs and musical freedom.

The listener gets the feeling of sitting in the front row, noticing every nuance and is sucked into the adventure as a journey to the end of a swinging night.

‘Oh Lord thou will soffle’, ‘Living in the Clay’, ‘Little tonal song’, ‘A foggy night, they are cinematic titles and that is perhaps what this trio aims for, which is to take the audience with them from the start of the concert to get out of the intoxication only when the last note has sounded …


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Donkey Walk

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